Working together to clean up Scotland.

Keep Scotland Beautiful has estimated that there are on average 60,000 fly tipping offences every year, that’s almost 170 every day, costing the public purse up to £6 million per year to be dealt with by local councils.

This is only getting worse due to illegal dumpers getting fined only £200 with no further conviction, when the farmers and landowners which land these criminals choose to dump on, have £1,000 to pay on clean-up costs, ridiculous!

The biggest red flag in a possible fly tipper will be noticeably low prices on the uplift of your waste, as they will fly tip in order to avoid paying a high recycling cost, which means they avoid parting ways with any cash you may have given them.

We all have a responsibility to keeping our country beautiful, working together in lowering these statistics will impact on how our hometowns and cities will look for the better.

What Junkr can do-

We understand it’s not the best feeling paying to get rid of junk, and we understand it’s tempting paying low costs for someone else to do it instead, We can ensure that we are trying our best to stay as affordable as possible, ensuring your waste will be recycled or donated professionally.

We are also working hard on having as much time slots available for you to have your junk uplifted as quick as possible.

What you can do-

If you happen to use another company or Man & Van service, please do the following.

 Ask to see a copy of their registered waste carrier certificate. (SEPA)

Get a receipt confirming what they have taken, where they are disposing it and details of the payment made.

Report incidents of flytipping to your local authority so they can report it and deal with it.

* If your waste is subsequently fly tipped you may still be liable for any legal proceedings if you don’t have this information.

Fly tipping is unnecessary, illegal and dangerous. Let’s make the future of our country a tidy one.

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