Signs of a Quality Junk Removal Company.

When the dreaded clear out of your junk comes along, whether it's your old furniture, your cleaning out your garage, or you can’t fit anymore junk in your attic and everywhere else. The next thing is figuring out which junk removal service to use.

It's important to know what to look for when picking the best junk removal service, whether it's a small removal service to a junk removal business.

If your planning on using a junk removal company, they should be offering a high standard, professional service, not just affordability and availability. You want to make sure the service is trustworthy and reliable before making any commitments.

Whether you need your old fridge freezer, or a rusted-out oven removed, or large collections of junk you should be careful on who you hire and what kind of reputation they carry.

If you don't do your homework, a company you find online that looked great could actually end up costing you more time, money and hassle than you had originally planned for.

A junk removal company you hire should be a professional and reliable full-service junk removal professional that can provide you with an exceptional service picking up single bulky items, just as well as removing tons of junk from a property or estate.

Junk removal services can vary from a small man & van service to a nationwide company, and not all are created equal, this is why I’m sharing the right information with you to help you know the difference.

Here are 7 signs of a high-quality junk removal company:

1. Proper ways of disposing your waste.

A junk removal company should have an established way of disposing the waste or items they pick up, they should do this in a responsible way, with a focus on being as eco-friendly as possible.

2. Fair and honest pricing.

The pricing format should be as transparent and easy to understand as possible, many junk removal companies offer a "free on-site quote", but this can be a great waste of time when the quote you receive doesn't include any hidden fees and charges. Be sure to always get an up-front estimate before using the service.

3. Licensing & certification.

It's no secret that fly tipping is an issue in all corners of the country, although it’s a great feeling having your junk finally cleared out of site, it wouldn't be a great feeling knowing your junk has been dumped on the side of the road or on someone else's property.

While choosing the right junk removal company, ask each one about their licenses and insurance, this could save you from any fines you could receive if any fly tipped junk is traced back to you.

4. Necessary tools & equipment.

Any junk removal company, especially the good ones, should already have the necessary tools, equipment, and vehicles for the job. Having these resources is an absolute necessity in the junk removal world.

A quality junk removal service can handle any size of collection, from removing an old sofa to an entire houseful of junk. They need to have the resources and materials necessary to be able to responsibly dispose of any waste and to navigate through the city or town efficiently.

5. Quick turnaround time.

The amount of time it takes from the initial contact to a junk removal company, to completion of the service, is a great measurement of a good junk removal service.

In most cases, when a customer picks up the phone, their junk is ready to go. A good junk removal company should be able to schedule a pickup within 2 days.

6. They can almost take anything.

If you call to ask what they take, the items they don’t take should be much shorter than the list of items a junk removal company will take.

A good junk removal company should be able to handle just about any type of junk. Hazardous waste such as bleach, oil, and fertiliser usually require special disposal, but they should accept all other unwanted items.

7. Clear, consistent communication.

A good, professional junk removal company will communicate with you before, during, and after completing your pickup. Any junk removal service that isn’t clear and honest from the beginning about your concerns is a huge red flag.

Whether your renovating your home or looking to declutter and minimise the stuff you own, choosing a professional trustworthy and reliable junk removal company is one of the most important steps.

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